Following The Exciting Trend of Web Design

Not much different to fashion, web design trend also shifts and changes from time to time. Back then it would be great to put colorful theme, but now people seem to like a more clean, simple, minimalist design. So what would be the trend now in 2019? Here are some of the predictions.

  • Fluid design and elements

No more straight lines and your usual rectangle, circle, or triangle. Web designers are more likely to experiment with shapes that are more fluid. It challenges their creativity and open more possibilities to modern designs.

  • Retro design

Some said trend is like a circle. One day what used to be old is going to be new again. But as we move beyond flat design, this retro design can feel more fresh as it mixes with more fluid elements.

  • More enhanced images

Images are always part of website design. There is a lot of techniques that designers like to put on an image, such as putting shadow, frame, effects, and so on. We believe in the future, designers would put more advanced techniques to present images.

  • Monochrome

Having colorful website might make your website beautiful to see, but some think that by putting restriction to the color, say only 1 to 2 colors, might make it stand out against the others as it would be more memorable to the visitor. It also put stronger feeling to your brand.

  • Large navigation

This one has been changing throughout the years. Navigation varies from sidebar, megabar, to the use of hamburger button. The experiment goes further, some predict that the main navigation would get even bigger today, ensuring visitors see all possible actions available.

Web designers in web design Malaysia are experts in their field and they always learn to catch up with the latest trend. This way, web design Malaysia agencies are able to offer the most up-to-date services to ensure your business stays at the top of the competition.